I’ve noticed which the vile Stepsys has become promotinbg MAPS madly, but I could not receive a deal with on what it basically was. I have a tad far more strategy now.

“Be assured Chris Smith er I imply Mike Deese is furiously dealing with his programers to learn the sending Portion of wire transfers.”

Reminds me a lot of Banners Broker, what with remarks about MAPS getting a “little one” in the net environment, the programming team working to solve the “problem” etc and so on. I wonder if it’ll go the identical way? Share Share this submit on

Based upon what I’ve realized from BB, does not that make it Yet one more pyramid plan or ponzi plan? Wanting to hold goal right here, but I cannot see how investigating ten advertisements per day could make you any money.

I do not Believe they may get Many individuals putting that amount of cash in (a minimum of I hope not!), Nonetheless they undoubtedly have had a number of people purchasing a hundred packs at a time in a cost of $5000.

Allow me to just show you that I actually joined on comprehensive impulse. Being that i’m an entire-time on the internet marketer, I’m continually on the pc and I stumble upon programs like this on a regular basis.

Simon Septic experienced a a MAPS sign on celebration in London lodge Profit Sharing Programs on saturday. A person last $ grab/sucker hunt till he moves on.

How can I put this with out getting awful? I possess the unique impact that he is not the sharpest knife inside the cutlery drawer…… Share Share this submit on

Looking at the amount of money Banners Broker pulled in – nicely, quite a few tens of millions – its also very easy to see why persons start these strategies. The full detail helps make me sense pretty sick. Share Share this put up on

As you almost certainly know or ought to know at this time Simon Stepsys was one of the very first promoters of Banners Broker HYIP ponzi scam, saying to become a MILLIONAIRE. He still left in 2012 right just before payments to people today like by yourself dried up.